Vajrapani Thangka


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In Vajrayana Buddhism, there are mainly three Bodhisattvas which represent the nature of all the Buddhas. They are Manjushri with wisdom, Avalokiteshvara with compassion, and Vajrapani with power.

The name Vajrapani refers to the holder of Vajra which further represents the power aspect of complete enlightenment. In Mahayana Buddhism, this Bodhisattva is portrayed in a more peaceful manner. But in Vajrayana Buddhism, he is described in his wrathful form. Vajrapani is also known as Guhyapati which means the ‘Lord of Secrets’. He is considered the main recipient and protector of the sacred texts, mantras, and different religious scriptures. According to the legend, these literature and mantras are directly derived from the Shakyamuni Buddha (primordial Buddha).

Because of his importance among all the Tibetan schools, it is common to see this Bodhisattva

In this thangka painting, Vajrapani is shown in a wrathful form with his blue body, one face, and two hands. He holds five-pointed Vajra in his right hand whereas his left hand is raised to the heart and is holding a whip.


Additional information


61 x 46cm


Handmade in Nepal

Materials used

Organic cotton canvas, 24 karat gold


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