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Manjushri is one of the most significant Bodhisattvas in Buddhism. Along with Avalokiteshvara and Vajrapani, he protects the Tathagata family. This family also includes Buddha Shakyamuni and Buddha Vairochana. According to the legend once Manjushri came from China to Nepal on a pilgrimage. During that time Kathmandu valley was a big lake, not suitable for living. The legend says that Majushri saw a strong light from the center of the lake. So, he wielded his flaming sword that cut a gorge to drain the lake. Since then the Kathmandu valley became suitable for living and at the center of the lake, Swyambhunath was built.

There are different representations of Manjushri. This thangka painting depicts the most common form with orange skin. He holds a flaming sword in his right hand, which ultimately destroys ignorance and transforms it into wisdom. The flame in his sword represents transcendent wisdom. Likewise, in his left hand, he holds the lotus stem, which represents the realization and perfection of wisdom and intelligence.

Additional information


61 x 46 cm


Handpainted in Nepal

Materials used

Organic cotton canvas, 24 karat pure gold used


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