Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)


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This thangka painting depicts a single figure of Guru Rinpoche.  The thangka painting is painted by a senior spiritual master from Nepal. It’s painted on organic cotton canvas and pure 24 karat gold is used.

Guru Rinpoche is also widely known as Padmasambhava. He is also a manifestation of Buddha Amitabha. He was a Tantric master born in India and played a significant role to spread Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet in the eighth century. Likewise, he is also a founder of the Nyingma school, one of the oldest major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. 

In this thangka painting, Guru Rinpoche is shown in traditional representation holding Vajra in his right hand. The skull cup in his left hand contains a vase filled with the nectar of longevity and wisdom.

Additional information


61x 46 cm


Handmade in Nepal

Materials used

Organic cotton canvas, 24 karat gold, Mineral colors


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