1000 armed Dukkar thangka painting

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Dukkar, also known as the White umbrella is one of the most complex deities in Tibetan Buddhism. She is also widely known as Sitapatra in Sanskrit. She is one of the powerful deities who manifests the power through her thousand heads, arms, and legs. The other interesting thing about her is that she has eyes on each of her palms as well as in the soles of her feet.  Similarly, each head consists of three eyes.

This thangka painting depicts 1000 armed Dukkar, standing triumphantly within an aureole blazing with the fire of wisdom. On the top left of the thangka, there is a Shakyamuni Buddha whereas, at the top right, there is Green-Tara. Under the feet, lies the demons which represent the negative aspects of us like greed, hatred, and anger. These negative qualities within us have hindered our path to the Buddhahood.

It is believed that, if you recite her mantra or do her puja then she protects us from over 60 class of spirits. She also protects you from evil energy, planetary influences, uncertain deaths, nightmares, and different other obstacles to your life.

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152 x 109 cm


Handmade in Nepal

Materials used

Organic cotton canvas, 24 karats pure gold


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